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Yemen - Bani Al Areef

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Cup Profile: Mango, red grapes, vanilla, dark chocolate

Altitude - 1700-2100

Process - Anaerobic Natural

Location - Harazi, Yemen

Varietal - Jaadi

Wadi Al-Maa was selected for the carrying out the experimental processing lots due to its location, availability of water and natural cup profile. The team at Mocha Mill who work closely with producers and co operatives in Yemen, were able to work alongside the producers during the season executing harvest plans to take care of the trees and then in the harvest send the fresh picked cherry directly to the wet mill they had established.

Part of the collaboration project between Process and Local, this coffee, the packaging, and capsule collection are a limited exclusive release. Meaning, this is your one chance to bag this up to take home. Not to put any pressure on your purchase.....buttttttttttt..I'd snap this stuff up immediately

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