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Wooden Harland & Wolff Crane

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Step into a world of industrial grandeur with the Harland and Wolff H&W Crane models by Cowfield Design, a piece of history now available on This meticulously crafted wooden model is a tribute to the iconic Samson and Goliath gantry cranes, the towering symbols of Belfast’s shipbuilding legacy. Handmade with precision, these miniature pieces assemble into a captivating display, showcasing the magnificent engineering of these iconic cranes (small size comes preassembled). Presented in a cleverly designed box, this model is both easy to assemble and store, making it a cherished collectible for enthusiasts and admirers of Belfast's rich industrial past​.


Size: W:62mm, H:63mm.


Box size: L:176mm, W:55mm and H: 33mm.

Assembled size: L : 160mm, W:25mm and H:145mm. 


Box size: L240:mm, W:76mm and H:43mm

Assembled size: L :230mm , W:30mm and H:200mm. 

The Harland and Wolff shipyard, founded in 1861 by Edward James Harland and Gustav Wilhelm Wolff, quickly rose to prominence through innovative practices. Their landmark creations included the Olympic, Titanic, and Britannic, forever etching their name in maritime history. During the world wars, the shipyard shifted to building naval ships, and at its peak, employed around 35,000 people, making it the biggest employer in Belfast. The post-war years saw a decline in shipbuilding across the UK and Europe, leading to Harland and Wolff's modernisation project in the 1960s, which included the construction of the now-iconic Samson and Goliath cranes​.

The Samson and Goliath cranes, completed in 1969 and 1974 respectively, are more than just engineering marvels; they are emblems of Belfast's industrial spirit. Standing at 96 and 106 metres tall, these cranes are visible across the city and have become synonymous with Belfast's skyline. Their immense lifting capacities, capable of moving loads up to 840 tonnes, spearheaded the modernisation of the shipbuilding industry in Belfast. Today, they are celebrated as symbols of the city's past and of historic interest, gracing many guidebooks and posters of Belfast​.

The Harland and Wolff H&W Crane Model is more than just a model; it's a miniature testament to Belfast's shipbuilding heritage, a celebration of engineering ingenuity, and a poignant reminder of the city's industrial prowess. Bring a piece of Belfast's history into your home with this exquisite model, available on

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