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Wild Atlantic Way Coastal Scented Soy Candle

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The Wild Atlantic Way Soy Wax Candle is designed to evoke the exhilarating experience of an adventure along the famous Wild Atlantic Way. The blend of sea salt and driftwood captures the essence of the fresh, salty sea breeze and the rustic charm of the rugged coastline. Lighting this candle might transport you to the windswept cliffs and expansive seascapes of Ireland, reminding you of the freedom and invigorating spirit of exploring the Wild Atlantic Way.

Hand-poured in Ireland with 100% soy wax and luxury scented oils. This candle promises a 30-hour burn time and releases an invigorating scent of sea salt and driftwood, reminiscent of the freshness and adventure of the Wild Atlantic Way. Part of the 'Scents of Ireland' range.

The vessel's design is carefully thought out to complement any home interior. Proudly made in Co Tyrone, Ireland, this product emphasises its Irish roots, important to the brand as Irish candle makers.

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