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Were Ya Born In A Field A5 Mounted Print

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This print brings to life the amusing Irish expression 'Were Ya Born in a Field?', often humorously asked when someone leaves a door open. It's a phrase that encapsulates a playful aspect of Irish culture. Julie Harron skilfully captures this idiom in her art. Each A5 print is a digital reproduction of her original watercolour painting, printed on premium Fedrigoni textured paper for a rich and lasting finish. As part of a series that artfully represents Irish slang, this artwork is a wonderful piece for those who are fond of language's playful side, as well as art enthusiasts.


Digitally printed on premium Fedrigoni textured paper, capturing the essence of the original watercolour painting. Sized at A5 14.8 x 21 cm, this vibrant print is perfect for adding a touch of humour and cultural flair to any space, making it ideal for both home and office decor.

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