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Walnut burl brass and pewter pen 2

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Life is too short to use an

What makes this pen so special?

  • Handcrafted by the artisan in Donegal Ireland and locally sourced wood.
  • Gorgeous antique brass and pewter components to match the aesthetic of the wood.
  • Personalized with a name to make a wonderful gift.
  • Exclusively featured in House of Coco magazine.
  • Also comes packaged in a double wooden flip presentation box made from Maple and rosewood.

Walnut burl pen

Walnut is not a native tree. The two species commonly used are European walnut Juglans regia, and American or black walnut, Juglans nigra. Both are only occasionally found
growing in Ireland but produce excellent and highly prized timber. European walnut can be quite variable in colour, but is typically a greyish-brown with streaks of lighter and darker wood, often with a noticeable waviness. American black walnut is generally darker and more uniform in colour, the heartwood contrasting with the pale sapwood, although the wood is often steamed which darkens the sapwood considerably.

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This pen is beautiful ! This bog oak is a deep , nearly black color just like I had wanted. I chose the bock nib addition and I am thrilled. I prefer a 1.1 and Steven customized this pen with it for me. Came with nicely made Wooden pen box, a tin for inks, a convertor, a standard nib, and a lovely hand written note.
It is always a pleasure opening up the items I have ordered from Bog and Brass when they arrive in the post. I will definitely be buying from this shop again in the future.



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