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Hands Across the Divide

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Two Tayto men holding hands, known as the 'Hands Across The Divide' print is a unique artistic expression that captures the essence of Irish unity and identity through the lens of the beloved Tayto crisps. Riffing on Derry's Hands Across the Divide statue, installed to commemorate the end of the Troubles, this open edition risograph print, signed by the artist, is printed on high-quality uncoated matt paper (A4), making it a perfect piece of cultural art for your home or as a thoughtful gift.

The Tale of Two Taytos: Inspiration Behind the Art

Tayto crisps, an iconic Irish snack, have evolved from a humble crisp to a cultural symbol. There are two Tayto companies: one in the Republic of Ireland and the other in the North, each with its unique Mr. Tayto mascot. The duality of Tayto crisps reflects the complex identity politics of Ireland, often drawing humorous and poignant parallels with the nation's history. The crisps and their mascots have become ingrained in Irish collective consciousness, representing more than just a snack but a piece of national identity.

This artwork is inspired by the contrast and unity of these two Tayto versions, mirroring the broader narrative of Irish unity and division. Created by Belfast artist James Ashe, it is a visual commentary on Brexit, peace in Northern Ireland, and the significance of the Irish border, using the universally recognised imagery of the Tayto mascots​.

Dimensions and Shipping Information

  • Available in A4 rolled in a tube
  • Dispatches in 2 days via Royal Mail First Class in the UK and International Standard elsewhere

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