Rendering loop-subscriptions
Rendering loop-subscriptions


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Sláinte is a popular Irish drinking toast similar to cheers. It means health is is pronounced 'Slan - Che' . The image is based on the artist and Molly his dog going for a walk to try and get fit.  

This is an screen printed image on  handmade Lokta paper measuring approximately  50 x 30 cm. 

The Lokta paper provides a wonderful texture, This acid free paper is one of the finest hand made papers in the world and provides an important source of income for rural communities in Nepal. It has a low environmental impact as the plant used for the paper pulp regrows from the same root system. It is dried outside and 'kissed' by the Himalayan sun.

I create a number of versions of each image but each one is a little bit different as they are all done by hand and the paper also has variations due to the way it is made.

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