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Happiness is Mother & Daughter Time Pebble Art Frame

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Color: Black
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Celebrate the special bond between mother and daughter. This piece features two pebble figures in an embrace. The artwork's title adds a sentimental touch, making it an ideal gift to express the joy of this unique relationship. Each artwork is handcrafted and unique, echoing the irreplaceable nature of the mother-daughter bond.

Simply Mourne, established by Catherine Bradford in County Down, Northern Ireland, is known for its unique pebble artwork, inspired by the natural beauty of the Mourne Mountains. The studio creates each piece using pebbles collected from local beaches, imbuing them with a connection to the Irish landscape. These handcrafted artworks are cherished for their natural elements and the stories they tell, reflecting Catherine's passion for nature and art.


  • Dimensions: 125mm x 125mm.
  • Available in black & white frames.


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