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Silver Suffolk 'Wee Sheep' Drop Earrings

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  • Sheep themed art jewellery: Sterling silver drop sheep earrings featuring 2 Suffolk sheep
  • Quality sheep jewellery: Handmade by silversmiths from silver with secure silver safety drop fastening
  • Measurements: These delicate sheep are approximately 5mm wide x 10mm high x 2mm thick each
  • Packaging: Ready to give in a solid black box encased in a luxurious sheep embroidered felt button close pouch
  • Care tip: No polishing needed!

A unique sheep jewellery gift

These handcrafted sheep earrings, made from sterling silver feature a pair of cute Suffolk sheep longing to hang out with you! These are a perfect sheep jewellery gift for someone who loves fine jewellery with a fun twist and are sure to be a real talking point. Sheep lovers and those with more modern tastes will all appreciate this quality piece.

We are based in Northern Ireland and little things around these parts are affectionately called 'wee'.  That's why we've called these our 'wee sheep' earrings!

These delicate sheep earrings are based on the Suffolk breed of sheep and match other items of sheep jewellery in our range. 

All our earrings come with a silver safety fastening to hold the sheep securely in place.

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