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Roasted back in May this return to sender order is yours for a FREAKIN BARGAIN ?


Hyped to be bringing back some real tasty Rwanda lots this year. This is the first one I selected. This washed red b is a real zinger ?  and it’s reminding me of birthday cake. Vanilla vibes with lemon, rhubarb and raspberry notes bouncing around. The acidity is well balanced and suuuuper enjoyable. A clean & bright Rwanda showcase. Rwanda is blessed with ideal coffee growing conditions that include high altitude, regular rainfall, volcanic soils with good organic structure. I’m hyped to showcase this coffee!


In the brew I'm getting:

Rhubarb, Raspberry sponge, and my taste markers are structured and sweet!

**Sourced through the legends at Falcon. The Kageyo washing station is located in the Kageyo sector in Rwanda's Western Province, in the Ngororero District. The station itself is around 15km outside of the small Ngororero Town.

At 2013 metres, the station covers a tiny area of just 1.3ha. Built in 2009, RTC took over the management of Kageyo in 2013.Today the management is overseen by Jean de Dieu Iyamuremye with 6 full time staff the year round and around 80 seasonal staff during the harvest months. 

Coffee grown in this area has unique flavour profile – silky smooth and well–balanced, with an excellent full body.

All Process coffees are sold as 200g 

**Roasted on Tuesdays, ships on Thursdays ?


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