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Resin Designed Eire Sand & Sea

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Title: 53 x 63 cm
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Our Stunning Ireland in the Sea series.
Each uniquely designed Ireland sits within her own original sea. Containing real sand or stones from various beaches around Irelands coastal areas. Collected by ourselves at Red Buckets Resin or from our friends, family and customers too. 
Watch the beautiful flowing resin sea swirl around the coast of Ireland in an almost 3D effect created with our specialist resin and secret pigments combinations. 
If youd like to contact us directly to use sand of your own or make a request for a specific place please get in touch
No two of these are ever the same, even our colours are made in such small batches they are always unique.
Various sizes available this large size is 53x66cm 
These come framed in locally handmade frames. If you have a specific frame colour or size in mind, please contact us directly

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