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Home Roots "Norn Iron" Tee

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A range of luxury  T-shirts that have been created and produced by Ruftyroohah drawing on our passion for our Northern Irish colloquialisms channeled the birth of our Home Roots and Ruff roots range's steeped in Northern Irish humour and laced with stunning intricate illustration that spark the imagination.
All T-shirts are Screen Printed in the United Kingdom on to 100% cotton and are 200GSM in weight.
Our Home roots and Ruff roots ranges were created to capture the energy and passion of all the characters and strong personalities you find here in Northern Ireland by combining all these facets injecting an element of our strong sense of Norn Iron humour brought to life by our rich illustrations which capture your imagination and draw you in to illustrate a story where you may find a character who reminds you of someone that you just may know...

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