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Mini Silver Sheepdog Pendant

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Chain length: 16" (40 cm)
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  • Artistic silver sheepdog theme: Sterling silver necklace features a sheepdog watching the flock captured within a solid sterling silver circle border.
  • Quality sheep jewellery: Handmade by silversmiths from sterling silver
  • Measurements: The sterling silver pendant is 13mm in diameter and 4mm deep
  • Packaging: Ready to give in a solid black box encased in a luxurious sheep embroidered felt button close pouch
  • Care tip: Only an occasional rub with a silver cloth is recommended

A quirky sheep jewellery gift

A handcrafted silver necklace with a cute sheepdog.  The pendant comes with a silver ring attached to a 16", 18", 20", 22" or 24" heavyweight sterling silver belcher chain.

This really is a piece of sheepdog jewellery to make you smile.  The border collie sheepdog has his back to us and the markings on his coat are created by oxidising the silver.  This creates the distinctive markings of the border collie breed.  

This necklace is extremely versatile, and the sheep will be right at home coming with you to work or out on a date night!

Each piece is finished by hand and some details may vary very slightly from the pendant shown. We think this adds to the charm as you can be sure your black sheep necklace is one of a kind!

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