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Large Gift Sets Vegan Natural Skin Care

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Name: Relaxation Set
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This Large Gift Set is the perfect gift for any vegan, featuring natural skin care products. Feel confident and secure with vegan-friendly body butter, moisturisers, lipbalm, and natural deodorant. Presented in a beautiful tin box, with a plastic free design, you are sure to love this natural, cruelty-free skin care set.

Our luscious gift set Including:

Moisturising Bar 50g X 1

Body Butter 200g X 1

Lip Balm X 1

Natural Deodorant 70g X 1


All items come in a beautiful aluminum box


Choose from:

Relaxation Set (Lavender scented)

Stardust Moisturising Balm, Lavender Fields Body Butter, Unscented Lip balm and Lavender Deoderant.


Heaven Sent (Vanilla scented)

Heaven Sent Moisturising Balm, Vanilla Whip Body Butter, Unscented Lip Balm and Angelic Deodorant.


The Rose (Rose scented)

The Rose Moisturising Balm, The Rose body Butter, Unscented Lip Balm and The Rose Deodorant.



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