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If Mums Were Flowers Pebble Art Frame

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Color: Black
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Celebrate the unparalleled bond between mother and child with our "If Mums Were Flowers" Pebble Artwork. This charming piece, featuring a smaller pebble bird offering heart-shaped balloons to the larger mother bird, encapsulates the love and appreciation for all mothers. It's an ideal gift for any occasion, perfectly expressing gratitude and affection. Each artwork is unique, crafted with pebbles sourced from beaches in County Down, making it a truly special and one-of-a-kind tribute to mothers everywhere. No two artworks look identical.

Simply Mourne, founded by Catherine Bradford in Northern Ireland, specializes in creating unique pebble artworks. Each piece is crafted with pebbles collected from local beaches, making them one-of-a-kind. The studio draws inspiration from the natural beauty of the Mourne Mountains, infusing each artwork with a sense of the Irish landscape.


  • Dimensions: 125mm x 125mm.
  • Available in black & white frames.


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