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Finn - The Irish Fisherman - Charming Irish Dressed Teddy Bear (Large 38cm / 15 in.)

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"My name is Finn and I've fished since I was a lad. As my name might suggest, I'm at one with the sea. Growing up in a small coastal village located in the shadow of the Mournes, I spent many happy hours on a trawler with my father, watching him at work, as he netted herrings and prawns. 'All good things come to those who bait', he would say.
Now I have my own boat and I catch fish for myself and all the other bears. There's no better feeling than being out on the water and reeling in a great catch. Fishing isn't just a job for me, it's a way of life."
Suitable for children from 36 months, Finn is a large charming Irish teddy bear with a white woollen Aran sweater, corduroy dungarees and a matching woollen hat. Made with all new synthetic materials he sits 30cm / 12 in. tall (38cm / 15 in. from top to toes), has soft brown fur and features the Paddy Pals motif on his pad (fishing net is for illustrative purposes only). Paddy Pals are loved by both children and adults with their traditional Irish attire and welcoming smile. May the holes in your net be no larger than the fish, and may your stories be as large as the fish you catch.
  • Paddy Pals Charming Irish Teddy Bears. Authentic Ireland.
  • The last of the wild Irish Teddy Bears who live deep in the mountains of Mourne
  • Suitable for children from 36 months
  • Tested Safe. Conforms to EU EN71
  • 100% New Materials. Polyester fiberfill. Polyurethane foam

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