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English Bull Terrier Brooch

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Color: Gold
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  • Artistic English Bull Terrier theme: Sterling silver brooch featuring an English Bull Terrier dog with it's distinctive expression.  This is a perfect English Bull Terrier dog gift for the woman who loves this dog breed.
  • Quality English Bull Terrier dog jewellery: Handmade by silversmiths from sterling silver and also with added 18ct gold or rose gold accents
  • Measurements: This sterling silver brooch is 27mm high and 12mm at the widest point and 1mm thick plus silver safety fastening.
  • Packaging: Ready to give in a solid black box encased in a luxurious embroidered felt button close pouch
  • Care tip: Only an occasional rub with a silver cloth is recommended

A Quality English Bull Terrier dog Gift

A handcrafted silver brooch featuring a striking English Bull Terrier dog.  The pendant comes with a silver ring attached to a silver safety fastening so the dog doesn't wander!

This really is a piece of English Bull Terrier dog jewellery to make you smile.  The distinctive alert expression of this breed is captured by our silversmiths.

Choose between our 18ct gold-plated, silver or silver with eye patch versions.

Our Designer Avril created this brooch based on her lifelong love of dogs She has studied first hand this characterful and instantly recognisable breed and brought it to life in this precious metal creation.

This is a unique English Bull Terrier dog gift for someone who loves fine jewellery with a fun twist, and it is sure to be a real talking point. Traditional jewellery wearers and those with more modern tastes will all appreciate this quality piece.  

This brooch is extremely versatile, and the English Bull Terrier dog will be right at home coming with you to work or out on a date night!

Each piece is finished by hand and some details may vary very slightly from the brooch shown. We think this adds to the charm as you can be sure your English Bull Terrier brooch is one of a kind!

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