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Title: Baby Blue Doll
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Are you looking for the perfect addition to make your home even cosier?

A lovely doll that will make your house feel like a home?


Then you're just the right place for exactly that!


These dolls are made with a lot of love and care, which makes it perfect to make your home feel more lively and warm.

No more dull and cold feeling home, these dolls give you a lovely cosy feeling that you've been looking for!


Every single one of the dolls is handmade, and has extra love and attention put into it.

Being made from 100% cotton, linen and hollowfibre

Only the best materials will be used when making such a special addition to the home.


If the doll becomes dirty, you can get the best results of cleaning it by handwashing it in lukewarm water.


This is the missing piece that your home has been looking for, buy this doll to make your house feel like a home!

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