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COLOMBIA - San Sebastián

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Chelbesa is back baybay! Everyone loves a clean washed Ethiopia. At least you should :) but I know that some you like like a rounder mouthfeel and more bite to your brew. SO, this washed Chelbesa lot has everything you need, and I am super hyped to share this one with you. Check it out

This coffee was produced by smallholder producers in the Worka Chelbesa kebele, and was processed at a wet mill in the kebele operated by Negusse Debela. Negusse operates two sites now in Worka Chelbesa, including one in the Danche sub-area, and processes Washed, Natural, and unique experimental lots in an effort to continue improving the quality of their final product. The end product with this coffee is a beautiful example of washed Ethiopia coffee however this Chelbesa also carries a rad buttery mouthfeel, and creamy texture. mmmmmmmmmmmm.

In the brew I'm getting:

Raspberry, honey, and my taste markers are sweet & buttery.  


All Process coffees are sold as 200g

**Roasted on Tuesdays, ships on Thursdays


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