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Grind: Wholebean
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Ciara (Pronounced: Key-rah)

This is our extra special rich dark roast which can easily kick through milk. If you're looking for a great, rich and intense coffee without the rough edges then this is the one. You'll get tastes of caramel, hazelnut and dark chocolate. Great as an espresso or in a cafetiere but strong enough to cut through milk so you still get that great taste.

The name is derived from the old Gaelic word Ciar meaning dark or black. The 7th century St. Ciara, as the story has it, was called upon by St. Brendan to quell a fire at his monastery which she did by saying a single prayer. We speculate that St. Brendan was a Capuchin monk from which cappuccino got its name.

Our Ciara blend would certainly make a deep, rich, coffee experience.
 Dark Roast
Bean type Bourbon, Typica, Carurra, Castillo

Columbia- Neiva
Guatemala- Barillas

Harvest May to December
Preparation Natural, Washed
Altitude 900-1,700 masl


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