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Bog Oak Handcrafted Pen - Fountain & Ballpoint

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Style: The Ulster - Fountain Pen
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These Bog Oak pens are crafted from ancient oak trees preserved for thousands of years in peat bogs. This preservation process gives the wood a distinctive blackened and hardened quality, enriched with tannins from the water. Bog Oak is valued for its unique character and historical significance, representing a direct link to the past. The pens made from Bog Oak are not just writing instruments but artifacts of history and natural transformation.

Geoff Tulip is a skilled artisan in woodturning and woodcarving, known for his exceptional craftsmanship. He operates Tulip Woodcraft Supplies, where he offers a variety of woodcraft products and materials, and shares his extensive knowledge and passion for woodcrafting. His expertise in creating unique, high-quality pieces is evident in his work.

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