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Birds on a Branch Pebble Art Frame

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Color: Small Black
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Embrace the serene beauty of nature with our Birds on a Branch Pebble Artwork. This charming piece, featuring three birds perched together on a tree branch, is handcrafted using pebbles carefully selected from beaches in County Down. It symbolises unity and tranquility, bringing a touch of the natural world into your home. Ideal for bird lovers and those seeking a peaceful ambiance, this artwork is a testament to the simple elegance of nature.

Simply Mourne, founded by Catherine Bradford, is an artistic studio based in County Down, Northern Ireland. Catherine's artwork is heavily influenced by the stunning scenery of the Mourne Mountains and her deep connection with nature. The studio specialises in creating unique pieces that incorporate natural materials, particularly pebbles from local beaches, to depict various scenes and motifs.


  • Dimensions: 125mm x 125mm.
  • Large Frame Dimensions: 11x9 inches.
  • Available in black & white frames.

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