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Aroma boy - 1cup filter brewer

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YUP! This suuuuuper rad lil batch brewer is just a heap of fun for the price point. I also have one in the house so thought I’d share the joy with you. 

it’s a really simple machine. Basic functionally, and it’s not going to brew you theee best cup you’ve ever had. HOWEVER, when you want to flick the switch, start the brew, and gather your thoughts before a busy day..sometimes this wee thing can be a life saver


  • Compact and stylish filter coffee machine with transparent water tank and cup level markers, Makes 2 cups of coffee at a time
  • Optimal brewing temperature for full aroma development and the ideal cup of coffee
  • Space-saving design, With its space-saving design, the Aromaboy is guaranteed to fit into even the smallest kitchen
  • The removable filter holder and glass jug are dishwasher safe to ensure convenient cleaning, Switches off automatically 40 minutes after brewing

Get one and let’s be friends ☕️☕️☕️

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