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Armagh Tea Towel

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Armagh Tea Towel by PeterPaintsPictures, designed by the talented Northern Irish illustrator Peter of PeterPaintsPictures, is more than just a kitchen accessory; it's a piece of art.

Those with an eagle eye will spot things that are known widely such as the Armagh Planetarium, the Cathedral and Jonathan Swift, although locals may fairly ask where the curry chips and cider are to be found.

Celebrating the rich cultural heritage of Armagh, this tea towel features vivid illustrations of the city's iconic landmarks and stunning landscapes. Each stroke of Peter's digital brush (or Apple Pencil) weaves a story of Armagh's beauty, transforming an everyday item into a showcase of artistic flair and local pride. Made from high-quality materials, this tea towel is both practical and a tribute to Armagh's enchanting charm.

Product Details

  • Material: Premium quality 100% cotton, perfect for both use and display
  • Design: Vivid and detailed illustrations of Armagh's landmarks
  • Production: Crafted with love in Ulster, reflecting local heritage
  • Special Note: A celebration of Armagh's historic beauty, designed by PeterPaintsPictures

About the Artist - Peter from PeterPaintsPictures

Peter, a Northern Ireland native, is the creative genius behind PeterPaintsPictures. With formal training in Illustration at University College Falmouth and Critical Approaches to Children's Literature at The University of Cambridge, Peter's work is a blend of academic prowess and heartfelt creativity. His return to Northern Ireland inspired the birth of PeterPaintsPictures, where he transforms digital canvases into captivating art pieces, including the Armagh Tea Towel design​



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