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Yeooo Print

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The 'Yeooo' print illustrates a commonly used Northern Irish exclamation, often expressing excitement or triumph. It's a word that embodies the lively spirit and vibrant character of Irish culture.  This print shows a dog riding along in his car leaning out the window yelling "yeooo!" as he drives by. Julie Harron brings this expression to life through her art. Each A5 print is a digital reproduction of her original watercolour painting, beautifully printed on high-quality Fedrigoni textured paper, ensuring a colorful and durable artwork. 


Digitally printed on premium Fedrigoni textured paper, capturing the essence of the original watercolour painting. Sized at 14.8 x 21 cm, this vibrant print is perfect for adding a touch of humour and cultural flair to any space, making it ideal for both home and office decor.

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