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Titanic, Belfast Mounted A5 Print

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Discover the majesty and tragedy of the RMS Titanic through the artistic lens of Deborah Hill, a Belfast-born digital artist. This A5 print is not just a piece of art; it is a journey through time, encapsulating the spirit of Belfast's shipbuilding era. The Titanic, known for its grandeur and its fateful maiden voyage in 1912, was born in the shipyards of Belfast, a city renowned for its maritime heritage.

The Titanic Belfast building, opened in 2012, is a modern tribute to Belfast's shipbuilding prowess. It stands in the heart of the Titanic Quarter, on Queen's Island, once the epicentre of Belfast's shipbuilding industry. This area has undergone significant regeneration, turning a once-derelict shipyard into a bustling hub of cultural and historical significance. The Titanic Belfast centre itself is a marvel, designed to attract global visitors and celebrate the city's industrial past.

This print by Deborah Hill does more than depict the Titanic; it brings to life a pivotal chapter in Belfast's history, making it a meaningful addition to any art collection or decor.

About Deborah Hill:

Deborah Hill, a Belfast native, skilfully brings her digital artistry to life using an iPad and Photoshop. Drawing inspiration from Northern Irish landmarks, Deborah's art celebrates the familiar beauty of her homeland, particularly captured during the focused period of the Lockdown in 2020.


Printed on premium Fotospeed Matt Ultra 240gsm Fine Art paper, this A5 size artwork (21x29.7 cm) brings a piece of Northern Ireland's charm into your home. Each print is meticulously mounted in a pure white A4 mount, ensuring it's ready to be displayed or framed as desired.

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