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The Tree of Life - Handcrafted Irish Woodcut

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Color: Walnut
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"The Tree of Life" in our Irish Celtic Woodcuts collection represents growth, interconnectedness, and the enduring spirit of nature. Crafted with care in Ireland, each piece is made from selected woods and is available in Walnut, Spruce, or Black. This artwork, designed to fit standard frames, is a beautiful addition to any home, embodying the essence of Celtic mythology and Irish craftsmanship.

The Tree of Life in Irish Celtic mythology symbolizes balance and harmony. It represents the connection between heaven and earth, with its branches reaching to the sky and roots deep into the earth. This tree is also seen as a symbol of strength, longevity, and rebirth. In Celtic culture, it holds a sacred significance, embodying the cycle of life, the seasons, and the essence of nature's resilience and interconnectivity. The Tree of Life is a central figure in many Celtic myths and artworks, reflecting the deep respect for nature in Celtic beliefs.

Geoff Tulip is an experienced woodturner and woodcarver, known for his quality craftsmanship.

Specifications: Made from selected woods, machined to 3-4 mm, available in Walnut, Spruce, or Black. The woodcut measures 100 x 100 mm, with an overall mounted size of 250 x 250 mm, displayed on a backboard with a front mount.

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