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The Swan - Handcrafted Irish Woodcut

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Color: Walnut
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In Irish Celtic mythology, swans are revered and often associated with love, transformation, and beauty. They are featured in several myths and legends, symbolising purity, elegance, and grace. Swans in these stories are sometimes seen as mystical creatures capable of navigating both physical and spiritual realms. They are linked to various deities and are often considered to be messengers of the gods. Their elegant appearance and transformative nature made them a popular subject in Celtic art and storytelling, embodying a deep connection to the natural and spiritual world.

Geoff Tulip is a professional in woodturning and woodcarving, known for his distinctive craftsmanship. He shares his knowledge through Tulip Woodcraft Supplies, offering quality woodcraft products and materials.

Specifications: Made from selected woods, machined to 3-4 mm, it's available in Walnut, Spruce, or Black. The woodcut measures 100 x 100 mm, and the overall mounted size is 250 x 250 mm. It comes on a backboard with a front mount.

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