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The Empire Mounted A5 Print

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Deborah Hill's 'Empire A5 Print' is a visual celebration of one of Belfast's most renowned establishments, The Empire. This pub, known for its vibrant atmosphere and deep connection to the city's nightlife, first opened its doors in 1987. Since then, it has become a cornerstone of Belfast's entertainment scene, offering an array of events from live music to comedy shows.

The Empire is not just a pub but a testament to Belfast's cultural diversity, drawing in a mix of locals and tourists alike. It boasts a cinema-style big screen for major sports events, a well-loved pub-grub menu, and an outdoor beer garden. The Empire Music Hall, a former Victorian church, has established itself as one of the finest small/medium size venues, hosting a range of artists from local heroes to international stars.

Through this print, Deborah Hill offers a glimpse into the heart of Belfast's nightlife, making it a must-have for art collectors and enthusiasts of Irish pub culture.

About Deborah Hill:

Born and raised in Belfast, Deborah channels her love for her homeland into her work, focusing on the landmarks of Northern Ireland. Hill's artwork brings out the unique architectural elements of the venue and its energetic ambiance, making it a perfect piece for anyone who cherishes the lively spirit of Belfast's social scene.


Printed on premium Fotospeed Matt Ultra 240gsm Fine Art paper, this A5 size artwork (21x29.7 cm) brings a piece of Northern Ireland's charm into your home. Each print is meticulously mounted in a pure white A4 mount, ensuring it's ready to be displayed or framed as desired.

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