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Affinity - Swallows Print

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Presentation:: 30 x 30 Standard Print
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Experience the poetic grace of 'Affinity - Swallows Print,' a mesmerizing artwork by the award-winning artist Kathryn Callaghan. This fine art print, titled 'Affinity,' is a part of Kathryn's unique collection that celebrates the beauty of nature, particularly the enchanting flight of swallows.

Representing themes of connection and companionship, this piece features three swallows in vibrant cobalt blues and splashes of red, symbolising their dynamic energy and the incredible journey of these tiny birds.

Kathryn Callaghan's approach to art is deeply organic and fluid. She creates her pieces by pouring custom-made inky mixes directly onto the canvas, allowing gravity and gestural movements to shape the artwork. This method results in spontaneous and unplanned marks, infusing each piece with a raw and authentic energy, free from the constraints of traditional techniques.

This open edition giclee print, hand-signed by Kathryn, comes in various sizes and presentation options to suit diverse preferences and settings:

  • Mini Mounted (23x23cm): A 12x12cm print in Kathryn's handwriting, presented in a conservation-grade mount, ideal for gifting.
  • Unframed Standard (30x30cm): Supplied flat with a backing card in a clear Kathryn Callaghan branded bag, shipped using strengthened packaging.

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