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Scrabo Tower Print

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Discover the historical allure of 'Scrabo - Northern Ireland Print,' an exquisite creation by Kathryn Callaghan. This open edition giclee print showcases the iconic 19th Century Scrabo Tower, a prominent landmark perched atop the lush hills of County Down.

The tower, built in 1857 as a memorial to Charles Stewart, the 3rd Marquess of Londonderry, stands as a testament to Victorian architectural prowess and the rich history of Northern Ireland. Its commanding presence, overlooking Newtownards and the serene waters of Strangford Lough, is beautifully captured in this artwork.

Kathryn Callaghan’s artistic process is a symphony of spontaneity and precision. She skillfully pours a honey-like mix of ink and gel onto the canvas, crafting vibrant scenes that are alive with energy and motion. This unique freestyle technique, free from pencil marks, lends a dynamic and spirited quality to the print, mirroring the robust and enduring nature of Scrabo Tower itself.

The print is available in various sizes and presentation options, each tailored to complement different spaces:

  • Mini Mounted (23x23cm): A 12x12cm print, featuring Kathryn’s digitally printed title, supplied in a conservation-grade mount, wrapped in a cellophane bag, finished with a gold sticker.
  • Unframed Standard (30x30cm): Flat supplied with a backing card, wrapped in a 'Kathryn Callaghan' branded bag, shipped using strengthened packaging.

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