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The Mournes

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Experience the natural majesty of 'The Mournes - Northern Ireland Print,' a stunning depiction of the Mourne Mountains by Kathryn Callaghan. This open edition giclee print captures the sweeping beauty of this granite mountain range that dramatically rises from the Irish Sea. The view from Minerstown Beach presents a breathtaking perspective of the Mournes, highlighting their magnificence.

The Mourne Mountains, located in County Down in the southeast of Northern Ireland, are known for their rugged, dramatic landscapes and have the distinction of being the highest peaks in Northern Ireland. The highest point in the range is Slieve Donard, towering at an impressive 850 meters (2,790 feet). The Mournes extend over a compact area of approximately 9 miles (14.5 km) between Newcastle and Rostrevor, forming a stunning backdrop to the south of County Down. These mountains, which date back to the Neogene Period, are not only a natural wonder but also a significant part of the cultural and geological heritage of the region.

In this print, Kathryn Callaghan’s artistic expression brings to life the Mournes in vivid colors of yellow, blues, and greens, each hue representing the diverse aspects of the mountains – from their towering peaks to the lush valleys. The print, made on archival fine art paper using fade-resistant inks, captures the essence of the Mournes, a testament to the area's enduring natural beauty.

'The Mournes' is part of Kathryn Callaghan’s collection that celebrates the picturesque landscapes of Northern Ireland. An open edition print, it is a perfect piece for those who appreciate the majesty of nature and the rich tapestry of Irish landscapes

This open edition print is available in two sizes::

  • Mini Mounted (23x23cm): A 12x12cm print, supplied in a conservation-grade mount, wrapped in a cellophane bag, and finished with a gold sticker. Ideal for gifting.
  • Unframed Standard (30x30cm): Shipped flat with a backing card, wrapped in a clear cellophane ‘Kathryn Callaghan’ branded bag.

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