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Midnight Mug

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Inspired by the Dark and rainy winter nights of Ireland, these handmade mugs will make a gorgeous memento for your trip!

At Mud Ireland we are proud to say our pottery is 100% by handcrafted here in Northern Ireland, our small team of Potters make every piece from scratch on the Potter’s Wheel. From a simple ball of clay, to a finished piece, a potter’s hand is in control every step of the way. If you look carefully at the base of a pot, you will even find the hand carved signature of it’s maker!

Our luxurious pottery is designed for both Beauty and Function. Our distinctive, timeless glazes pop on top of a pure white porcelain canvas, which also provides a core strength that stands up to everyday use… And the dishwasher!

Every one of our handcrafted pots is One-Of-A-Kind! They are full of Perfect little Imperfections which give them that tactile, handmade quality. You can feel a connection to the potter through the throwing rings, which mark the path of the makers hand, like a fingerprint. There will never be two of the same!

*Due to the nature of Handcrafted Products, your pot may vary slightly from photographs.

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