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Irish Celtic Woodcuts - The Cat

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Color: Walnut
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A beautiful range of Celtic Woodcuts made in Ireland by Real Irish Craft.
The range of designs inspired by Celtic Myths and Legends, includes The Tree of Life, The Swan, The Horse, The Dragon, The Hound, The Cat,The Goat and in a separate listing the smaller and framed Celtic Love Knot. Individually or as a group these woodcuts are a lovely addition to any home. Each design is available in Walnut (mid to dark brown) or Spruce (light brown / pine colour) or in Black
This listing is for 'The Cat' symbolising Patience, Independence, Curiosity.Carefully selected woods are first machined to only 3 to 4 mm then each design is carefully cut in one piece to give the design you see.
Each Celtic woodcut is displayed on a back board with front mount , and packed in a clear protective bag labelled with the design name and symbolic meaning (as seen in photos), all ready to be placed in a frame of your choice.
They have been designed to fit standard frames like those from Ikea and similar so that frames are generally easily found.
The mount is shown in a box frame which is for an example only and obviously not included in the purchase. Size of woodcut 100 x 100 mm. Overall size of mounted woodcut 250 x 250 mm.

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