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Goodbye to the Port & Brandy by Christy Moore A4 Lyrics Print

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 With the famous lyrics 'Goodbye to the Port and Brandy, to the Vodka and the Stag, To the Smithwicks and the Harpic, the bottle, draught and keg' by Christy Moore, this print encapsulates the humour and spirit of one of Ireland's most beloved musicians.

Set against a rich dark green background, reminiscent of the lush Irish landscapes, the print is a visual and lyrical nod to Ireland's pub culture and traditional music scene, as celebrated in Moore's song.

Whether you're an avid fan of Christy Moore, a lover of Irish folk music, or someone who appreciates the unique aspects of Irish culture, this print is an ideal addition to your collection. It's a way to celebrate and remember the joyous and sometimes poignant tales woven into Irish folk songs.

Una Meabh, the artistic mind behind Connect the Dots, stands as a beacon of creativity and cultural celebration. Her studio, nestled near the bustling heart of Belfast, is a haven where Irish traditions are woven into contemporary art. With a deep reverence for Ireland's rich heritage, Una infuses each of her creations with a blend of modern aesthetics and traditional Irish elements.

Available in A4 size.

 Frame is not included; it is for illustration purposes only.

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