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Falls Road A4 Print

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Size: A4
Text: Gaeilge
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Some of the most well known landmarks on the famous Falls Road, Belfast.
Featuring landmarks such as The Rise sculpture, known as "the balls on the Falls," this towering sculpture stands as a symbol of unity and new beginnings. Its spherical design is a modern landmark against the city's skyline.  The Royal Victoria Hospital with its unique DNA railings, this hospital is a pillar of medical excellence and history in Belfast. St. Paul’s Church - this church represents a significant aspect of Belfast's architectural and cultural heritage, with its impressive structure and community importance. And of course, the iconic black taxis, these taxis are not just a mode of transport but a part of the city's identity. Often involved in tours of the areas history.

This print is a rich tapestry of Falls Road’s history, making it a must-have for those who cherish Belfast's diverse narrative. 

Created by self-taught illustrator and founder of Connect the Dots, Úna-Méabh, this unique print brings a piece of the Falls Road back to your home. 

 Available in Irish or English.

Available in A4 size.

Frame is not included; it is for illustration purposes only.

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