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Essential Oil Blends

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Scent: Lemongrass & Bergamot
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If you wish to capture any of our signature fragrances in their purest form, this is the answer. Simply place a few drops into your oil burner (along with some water), light one of our soy wax tealights underneath and let the fresh, uplifting aromas circulate throughout your home.

You have full control over how strong you wish the scent to be, and easily refill with a few more drops when the fragrance subsides. You can also use in electric diffusers, humidifiers or a few drops in your bath will add a certain aromatherapy spa element you may be needing.
Each bottle is of the highest quality glass, tamper-proof top with a dropper inside. The oils are 100% pure with nothing else added or taken away.
The 10ml bottle should be enough to last you ages if used in moderation.  

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