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Giant's Causeway Egg Cup Set

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Embark on a mythical breakfast adventure with the Giant's Causeway Egg Cup Set from Cowfield Design, featured on This unique set of four egg cups, each varying in height, is inspired by the world-famous Giant's Causeway and its unusual hexagon-shaped rocks. Crafted from ceramic, these egg cups will not only look great in any kitchen but also bring a touch of Irish legend to your breakfast table.

Legend has it that Finn McCool, the mythical hunter-warrior of Irish mythology, was not just known for his extraordinary height and heroic feats but also for his love of a hearty breakfast. It's said that McCool, who built the Giant's Causeway to reach his Scottish nemesis, Benandonner, would start his day with a giant-sized serving of eggs, preparing for the battles and adventures ahead​​.

The story goes that during one of his epic encounters, Finn found himself in a tight spot against the larger Benandonner. In a clever twist, his wife Oonagh saved the day. While she tricked Benandonner with a soda bread baked on an iron griddle, one can't help but wonder if she also served Finn McCool a massive egg breakfast in these very egg cups to fuel his courage and cunning​.

This charming egg cup set is a playful nod to these completely fabricated legends, perfectly designed for those who enjoy a touch of whimsy with their morning eggs. Whether you're a fan of Irish folklore or simply appreciate unique kitchenware, the Giant's Causeway Egg Cup Set is a delightful addition to any home. 

Discover this enchanting set on, where the legend of Finn McCool and the awe-inspiring beauty of the Giant's Causeway come together in a practical, yet magical, kitchen accessory. Perfect for those who like their breakfast served with a side of legend and lore! Eggs and whimsy!

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