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Dunluce Castle Print

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Size: 30 x 30 Standard Print
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Discover the magic of Northern Ireland's historic landscapes with Kathryn Callaghan's "Dunluce Castle" print, exclusively available on Allster. This open edition giclee print captures the essence of the stunning medieval ruin of Dunluce Castle, set against the backdrop of the powerful and beautiful Causeway Coast.

Kathryn Callaghan, known for her captivating and innovative artistry, creates her works with a honey-like mix of ink and gel. This unique medium is poured freestyle onto the surface, allowing her to capture fluidity, energy, and the essence of her subjects without the constraints of pencil lines. This technique is evident in the "Dunluce Castle" print, where the vibrant greens, yellows, and blues come alive, depicting the dramatic landscape with a sense of freedom and vivacity.

This piece is not just an artwork but a conversation starter, ideal for both traditional and modern tastes. Hand-signed by Kathryn, each print goes through a rigorous quality assurance process, ensuring you receive a piece that's not only visually stunning but also of fine art quality. The "Dunluce Castle" print is available in various sizes, making it a versatile choice for any space, from a cozy home corner to a grand living room statement piece.

Bring a piece of Northern Ireland's history and Kathryn Callaghan's extraordinary artistry into your home with the "Dunluce Castle" print, a testament to the beauty of historical landscapes and the elegance of modern art techniques.

The print is available in various sizes and presentation options, each tailored to complement different spaces:

  • Mini Mounted (23x23cm): A 12x12cm print, featuring Kathryn’s digitally printed title, supplied in a conservation-grade mount, wrapped in a cellophane bag, finished with a gold sticker.
  • Unframed Standard (30x30cm): Flat supplied with a backing card, wrapped in a 'Kathryn Callaghan' branded bag, shipped using strengthened packaging.

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