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County Armagh Flag Style A4 Print

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County Armagh, known as "Ard Mhacha" in Irish, is steeped in history and culture. Key landmarks include Navan Fort, an ancient ceremonial site central to Irish mythology, and Armagh Observatory, an important astronomical research centre.

The city of Armagh is the ecclesiastical capital of Ireland, home to both Catholic and Church of Ireland cathedrals. Its rich history, encompassing medieval monasteries and significance in Irish Christianity, makes it a region of great historical and cultural importance in Northern Ireland.

This print features the flag of Armagh, created by Úna-Méabh, founder of Connect the Dots.  Úna-Méabh loves all things Irish and has brought to life many unique designs based on landmarks and cultural highlights from the region.

Available in A4 size.

Frame is not included; it is for illustration purposes only.

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