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Cocktails of Norn Iron Tea Towel

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The Cocktails of Norn Iron Tea Towel, a creative masterpiece by PeterPaintsPictures, brings the essence of Northern Ireland's cocktail culture right into your kitchen.

If this isn't one of the funniest and most subversive comments on the region then we don't know what is! Get inspired by the following cocktails:

  • Curbstone Cosmo
  • Bonfire Bellini
  • Gaeltacht Gimlet
  • Mural Martini
  • Rathlin Island Iced Tea
  • Marching Margarita
  • Stormont Sour
  • Ulster Says Mojito

This tea towel, crafted from 100% cotton, is both a practical kitchen accessory and a vibrant piece of art. It showcases an array of colourful cocktail illustrations, reflecting the passions for dark humour and alcoholism in Norn Iron (Northern Ireland). Whether you're shaking up a storm or drying dishes, this tea towel adds a dash of Irish charm and creativity to your daily routine.

Product Details

  • Material: 100% Cotton – Durable, absorbent, and artful
  • Design: Features a vivid array of cocktail illustrations, capturing the spirit of Northern Ireland's mixology
  • Production: Made with love in Ulster, embracing local craftsmanship
  • Special Note: A unique and artistic addition to any kitchen, celebrating Norn Iron's iconic cocktails

About the Artist - Peter from PeterPaintsPictures

Peter, an illustrator from Northern Ireland, is renowned for his digital art that beautifully combines tradition and creativity. His illustrations, drawn with an Apple Pencil, are known for their vibrancy and attention to detail, as seen in the Cocktails of Norn Iron Tea Towel design. Peter's work celebrates the rich history and stunning landscapes of Northern Ireland, adding a touch of whimsical artistry to everyday items​

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