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Black Tea Blend Decaf

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Savour the essence of Belfast's rich maritime heritage with our Decaffeinated Speciality Tea. Using only the finest Chinese black leaf tea, this decaf blend captures the robust spirit of the city's shipbuilding past while providing a caffeine-free option for tea enthusiasts.

This tea is a nod to the days when Belfast's Harland & Wolff dockyards thrived, where tea was a cherished ritual among the workers. In keeping with this tradition, our decaf version offers the same full-bodied flavour without the caffeine, perfect for enjoying throughout the day or night.

This decaf blend is made from large black leaf tea, fully decaffeinated to preserve its strong and full flavour. It's a testament to the Belfast shipwrights' dedication to quality and craftsmanship, now accessible to those preferring a caffeine-free alternative.

With every cup of our Decaf tea, relive the historical essence of Belfast's shipbuilding era. This caffeine-free blend allows you to immerse yourself in a part of history, savouring a beverage that's both timeless and mindful of modern health preferences.

Preparation Instructions:

Steep one tea bag in freshly boiled water for 3 minutes for a perfect cup. Whether you prefer it with or without milk, this tea maintains its rich character. Store in a cool, dry place and consume within 3 months of opening for the best taste.

  • Ingredients: Chinese Black Leaf Tea (Decaffeinated).
  • Servings: Contains 16 servings.

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