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Cheeky Slabber A5 Mounted Print

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It's a playful Northern Irish term for a cheeky talker, vividly brought to life in this print. Part of a series featuring local sayings and wildlife, this print combines humour with artistic flair. This A5 print showcases a dog wrapped up in a scarf with a hat slobbering from the mouth and embodying the fun of the phrase. Printed on Fedrioni textured paper, it mirrors the original watercolour artwork. The 'Cheeky Slabber' print is a brilliant way to inject some Northern Irish charm into your decor.


Digitally printed on premium Fedrigoni textured paper, capturing the essence of the original watercolour painting. Sized at 14.8 x 21 cm, this vibrant print is perfect for adding a touch of humour and cultural flair to any space, making it ideal for both home and office decor.

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