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A Wee Night Cap - Whiskey Print

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Presentation:: Standard 30x30 Unframed
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Indulge in the warmth and charm of 'A Wee Night Cap,' a whiskey-inspired open edition giclee print by the acclaimed artist Kathryn Callaghan. This piece, exquisitely hand-signed and crafted in our studio, captures the soothing essence of unwinding with a glass of smooth Irish Whiskey. The artwork's bright golds and sharp blues perfectly embody the mellow yet vibrant spirit of a relaxing evening, illuminated by the soft glow of a nightcap.

The print, characterized by Kathryn's unique freestyle technique of pouring custom-made inky mixes onto the canvas, creates a sense of energy, life, and authenticity. This technique, free from pencil marks, captures the spontaneous beauty and dynamic essence of the whiskey experience.

Available in various sizes and presentation options, 'A Wee Night Cap' is versatile enough to fit any space:

  • Mini Mounted (23x23cm): A 12x12cm print with a digitally printed title in Kathryn's handwriting, supplied in a conservation grade mount and cellophane bag, adorned with a gold sticker.
  • Unframed Standard (30x30cm): Shipped flat with a backing card and Kathryn Callaghan branded bag, using strengthened packaging.

Personalization is also available, allowing you to add a handwritten message by Kathryn, making this artwork a perfect gift or a unique personal treasure

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