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Giant's Blend

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Grind: French Press
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Coffee Profile

Giant's Blend 3 Strength Coffee from the Belfast Coffee Company is a blended coffee using beans from Brazil. Carefully roasted for a clean but creamy mouth feel, it shows low acidity, is well balanced and exhibits a nutty flavour with hints of caramel sweetness.

Available in whole bean and french press preparation.

Ships to UK and Ireland.

Origin Story

Many a tale has been told while sipping a steaming cup of Belfast Coffee with family and friends. One of these legens is the famous story of the mythical Irish warrior giant Finn McCool. One day, Benandonner, a huge Scottish giant threatened Ireland (no-one is quite sure how, perhaps to import bad whiskey) and Finn had to fight back.

He tore up giant pieces of the Antrim coast and threw them into the sea. By doing this he created a path over the sea, now known as the Giant's Causeway, to reach Benandonner. Finn crosses the sea, only to find that the big Jock is much bigger and stronger than him, so he makes a hasty retreat.

Benandonner follows Finn across the Causeway, but Finn's clever wife has disguised him as a baby. The Scottish giant was horrified by the size of the baby and, fearing the father would be much larger than he was, beat a hasty retreat back to his bad whiskey.

As he went he tore up as much of the Causeway as possible, leaving only what is visible now.

If you believe that or you prefer the theory that the Causeway is a result of volcanic activity, you can be sure that Giant's Blend 3 Strength Coffee will keep you warm on a cold evening or make a great companion in an Irish coffee!

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