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Belfast City Centre Map Print

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Size: A4
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Discover Belfast's heart through this illustrated map of Belfast City Centre. Featuring detailed drawings of famous landmarks like the Titanic Belfast - A monument to Belfast's maritime heritage, where the RMS Titanic was built. City Hall - An iconic symbol of Belfast's civic pride and history. Harland & Wolff cranes - Known as Samson and Goliath, these cranes are landmarks of Belfast's shipbuilding past and Queen's University - A prestigious university, known for its architectural beauty and academic excellence.

Each landmark is artfully represented at its location, offering a visual journey through Belfast's iconic sites. This print is perfect for those who cherish Belfast's heritage or wish to explore its celebrated landmarks from a unique artistic perspective.


  • Material: Printed on high quality archival paper
  • Size: Available in A4 & A5
  • Design: Features some of Belfast City Centre's most famous landmarks like City Hall, the H&W Cranes, the Titanic Museum & Queen's University


Peter Paints Pictures is the creative venture of Peter, an artist from Northern Ireland. He is trained in Illustration from University College Falmouth and has studied Critical Approaches to Children's Literature at The University of Cambridge. Peter creates his artworks digitally, using an Apple Pencil, and is known for his unique artistic style.

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