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Ats Us Nai A5 Mounted Print

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This unique print captures the essence of the Northern Irish saying, "Ats us nai," which is a colloquial expression translating to "That's us now" in standard English. This phrase is commonly used in a variety of contexts, typically to signify the end of an event or task, often in a humorous or light-hearted way. For example, it might be used when a group of friends finishes a meal or a job is completed, conveying a sense of collective accomplishment or conclusion.

This print is perfect for those who love to incorporate elements of language and culture into their decor, offering a humorous and culturally rich touch to any space. Whether for a Northern Irish expat longing for a piece of home or for anyone who appreciates the quirky and endearing aspects of regional dialects, this print is a delightful choice.



Digitally printed on premium Fedrigoni textured paper, capturing the essence of the original watercolour painting. Sized at 14.8 x 21 cm, this vibrant print is perfect for adding a touch of humour and cultural flair to any space, making it ideal for both home and office decor.

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