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Ats Us Nai

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Ats Us Nai

The card reads "Ats Us Nai".

Perhaps one of the more confusing Belfast slang phrases to anybody who has never heard it before, this phrase is essentially “That’s us now,” said in a strong Belfast accent. Translated even further, the speaker is communicating that “we have completed the task at hand.”

We've gathered a few other examples of Belfast slang and explanations with them.


To “gurn” is to complain or moan about something incessantly, as many Belfast locals like to do about the weather.


Disgusting. For example, “I’m not using that public toilet, it’s boggin’!”

Sure, this is it

Belfast people’s love of adding a string of unnecessary words to a conversation is rarely clearer than with this common phrase. This is generally said as a confirmation of what another has said, meaning “you are right.”

Buck eejit

A very silly person. This can be said jovially or as an expression of frustration at someone.


Perhaps the most frequently used phrase by Belfast locals, “wee” can be used before almost any word you can think of. Although generally meaning “small,” it is also used as a term of endearment. For example, “wee love” or “wee pet.”


If you are courtin’ someone, it means you are dating them. It’s not too serious yet, but if it keeps going like this, it just might be.

Bout Ye?

This is generally used as a greeting—a way of saying “How are you?”

Up to high doh

“She’s up to high doh since she found out she’s pregnant!” This means someone is extremely excited about something.

A score

This is Northern Irish slang for a £20 note.

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