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All Roads Lead to the North Coast Tea Towel

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A famous Roman once said "All roads lead to the North Coast" - or something like that! He must have liked going to the Port on bank holiday Mondays.

This 100% cotton tea towel is testament to this immutable fact. Designed in Peter Martin's unique and contemporary style, the pink background provides the backdrop for the slogan and the beautiful Mussenden Temple

This isn't just a tea towel; it's a ticket to a fantastical journey across the North Coast, all while you're drying your favourite mug. This tea towel is a masterpiece of digital art, printed on high-quality 100% cotton. Whether you're a fan of the North Coast or just appreciate a splash of fun in your kitchen, this tea towel is the perfect blend of practicality and whimsy.

Product Details

  • Material: 100% Cotton, perfect for drying and display
  • Design: Colourful, imaginative depiction of the North Coast
  • Production: Proudly printed and produced in the UK
  • Special Note: Lovingly designed in Ulster, inspired by the local charm

About the Artist - Peter from PeterPaintsPictures

Peter, the creative force behind PeterPaintsPictures, is not your average illustrator. Armed with an Apple Pencil and a rich imagination, he's a digital wizard who studied Illustration and Critical Approaches to Children's Literature. His work, including this tea towel's design, is a delightful blend of whimsy and digital prowess, bringing a piece of Northern Ireland's charm into homes everywhere

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