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11th Hole at Coney Island Print

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The 11th hole at Ardglass has become increasingly well known to golfers who appreciate this spectacular but less visited course. the 11th Coney Island at Ardglass Golf Club by Kathryn Callaghan is an open edition giclee print of this picturesque hole.

The print captures the balance between sea and shore, and the par-5 11th hole is a daunting sight. Accurate driving is a must.

At just 465 yards from the medal tee, the 11th offers a good opportunity at birdie.

Hand-signed and created in Kathryn's studio, this print features the course’s views of the Irish Sea, the Mourne Mountains, and of course, Coney Island. Home to the oldest golf clubhouse in Ireland, Ardglass Golf Club is a challenging, stunning delight

For those who are perhaps less accurate off the tee, the beautiful views of the Irish Sea and Coney Island are a reminder that a bad shot is quickly forgotten but the experience is not.

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Size: 30cm x 30cm
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